Separate the labour from your love of food

Our mantra is simple, but cooked to perfection – good food makes for a good day and a memorable celebration! We separate the labour from your love of food ensuring your weekly dinners, workplace lunches and meetings, and special events are packed full with fresh, high quality and delicious food fare! 

Eat&Co. bespoke catering provides clients with event packages that are personalised and comprehensive, regardless of the size or purpose. Visual impact, provenance and attention to detail set our fare apart from the rest. 

We offer a fuss-free meal delivery service alongside the ever-popular Desk Dining salad subscriptions. Our weekly customers, young and old, relish the excitement that now surrounds their meal times. Such is the relief in having nourishing and flavoursome dishes arrive at your door, ready to devour! 


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Wendell Teodoro, Pottery Barn Australia #wherechristmaslives media event
Pictured: Eat&Co custom cheese grazing station, showcasing local and artisanal produce